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Vetropack Straža

published 23.04.2012. | 4,757 pregleda

Vetropack is a renown and very succesful glass packaging factory, owned by a Swiss owner with a Croatian branch. This installation was a challenge since it was an industry installation and its purpose was internal communication but also the presentation of Vetropack’s products.

With InformAYW system the client wanted to refresh the hall with dinamically generated information about the factory’s offer and to dynamically set the screen display. Also, the client’s demand was that system administration and content management be user-friendly.

We offered the client a solution that included the installation of info screen in the exhibition area of the hall. This screen displays information on the factory (images, text and video materials) and information and notifications of interest to employees are displayed, for instance possible changes in working hours, daily menu, etc. The specialty is certainly the fact that, owing to easy content change, it is possible to display information making the visitors feel welcome at the factory during partners’ and clients’ visits. In addition, the screens display service information such as road conditions and weather forecast.

By setting the screen in the hall, the exhibit area was additionaly improved, while, for the next stage of implementation, we have planned integration with the existing information system (SAP) from which we would take information about products and then this information would be displayed on the screen.