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Terraneo festival

published 13.03.2014. | 2,474 pregleda


Terraneo is a music festival held every summer in the premises of abandoned barracks close to the centre of Šibenik. During the festival, the barracks turn into a small town with over 10,000 people. The festival has three large stages and a series of smaller ones, hidden throughout the barracks’ premises.

To add more fun, visitors needed a place where they would be able to communicate during the festival.
Our role at Terraneo was to ensure visitors extra fun through Social Signage, where visitors were able to follow Twitter posts on big LED screens. Two LED screens were installed, a bigger one next to the main stage, 4x4m large and a smaller one, 2x2m , next to the smaller stage.

In the 4 days the festival lasted, we displayed over 3,000 tweets, but what really makes us proud is the fact that we succeeded, with the help of our adaptive content filter, to completely filter out or block any inappropriate tweets (curses, insults, etc.), so none of such tweets was displayed on screens.
Thanks to our Social Signage visitors were ensured extra fun activities and communication options– the big screen frequently displayed tweets such as „Marko, we are waiting for you next to the big bar!“ :)