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Končar – Elektroindustrija d.d.

published 13.03.2014. | 2,940 pregleda


Končar is a famous Croatian company, with a long tradition and it is globally renowned for its products for electricity generation, transmission and distribution, as well as equipment for use in transport and industry fields.

The client needed to modernise trainings and presentations, which would enable holding trainings and presentations via a screen. It was requested that the system should display information in different resolutions in order to enable displaying both via a FullHD monitor and projector. The next demand was that display should be manipulated via a tablet in a way that by scanning a QR code with a tablet, the display on selected screens is changed.

InformAsYouWish system supports creating templates of different resolutions.
Since trainings are a special form of display, special modules for content management on the screen were made for use with tablets. Using a tablet with selected players the display on the screen can be paused, the display can go fast backward or fast forward or be replayed from the beginning. This achieves manipulation which corresponds to the use of the presentation.
In special presentations the display on screens needs to be changed easily. For instance, for every product presented a display group is created.
A module that generates a QR code was developed for this purpose. When this QR code is read on the tablet, selected players change their display to the desired group.

The finished solution and the implementation of the solution enable simple manipulation of the display and the possibility of holding multimedia trainings and presentations.