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InformAsYouWish system can be used in many areas – actually, it is rare to find a branch or industry where it could not be used, if there any at all. When developing the system we were guided by the needs of particular industries and so we’ve planned solutions for certain industries, but we developed the system itself so that fast adaptation to the needs of every industry and/or every client is enabled.


Inform your users, offer them more than your competitors, distinguish yourself from the competition, set yourself apart and shine through originality and innovation.
Financial institutions
Today there is a growing Internet banking trend, so going to the bank is less frequent. Use these rare moments when the clients come to the bank to offer them information about new products and services.
Hotels and catering industry
Improve the quality of hotel and/or restaurant service, make your guests feel welcome and come back time and time again…
Medical Institutions
Hospitals and health centers are places where wide range of information needs to be provided. Digital signage enables you to provide those information.
Public transportation
During a public transportation ride, a user has limited free time and you can fill in that time to make it pass quicker and to inform them.
Automobile industry
Car salons are attractive but with installing an interesting and aesthetic content on digital signage they can become even more attractive.
Sports facilities
What is going on at the moment, what is happening next, schedules, results, motivational videos in the gym, etc. The possibilities are endless.
For instance, an interactive guide through a museum’s exhibition? Educational video materials? Why not offer visitors more than the exhibition itself.
Outdoor events
Concerts, festivals or sporting events brings together large number of people whose experience will be enriched if you provide additional entertainment and content via digital signage.