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published 13.03.2014.
The conference part of the hotel consisting of 4 halls and a lobby was renovated in the process of Histira hotel’s renovation. Conference visitors’ experience needed improvement and quality information provided.
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published 12.03.2014.
The client wanted to install a system which would enable simple information and notifications in its branches. The demand that the client had was that the locations where information and notifications will be displayed must be independent from the central content server in case there is a break in communication but also that all remote locations need to be managed from a single central point.
published 17.10.2013.
Sagena participated as a technology partner and a presenter at the second Digital Signage Conference – DiSiCon2013. At the exhibition we presented innovations we implemented in our InformAsYouWish system. Also there were two social walls with tweets and Instagram, Forsquare and Facebook statuses related to the conference.
published 17.10.2013.
SOF, Slovenia's biggest marketing event held in Portoroz, March 2013, was technically supported by 5 Sagena's digital signage screens.
published 17.10.2013.
Sagena in partnership with McAfee organized the 6th conference devoted to IT security - Sagena Security Day (# SSD6). In the entrance to the hall we set screens which displayed information about the conference and presenters.
published 17.10.2013.
We participated at Terraneo festival with Twitter wall sponsored by Bonbon. There were 2 Twitter walls.
published 17.10.2013.
Sagena participated as a technology partner and presenter at the Progressive magazine conference.
published 11.05.2012.
We were at Disicon 2012 conference, the first digital signage conference in Croatia.
published 20.04.2012.
Vetropack is well known and very successful factory, with a branch in Croatia. This installation was a challenge because it’s industry installation and it was intended for internal communication but also for product presentations.
published 20.04.2012.
The Marketing Kingdom, konferencija koja je okupila vrhunske marketinške stručnjake i privukla 400 sudionika iz regije održana je u Zagrebu u Hypo centru.
published 20.04.2012.
We participated as a technology partner at The Marketing Experience conference, which was held in Belgrade October 24. - 25. 2011.