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Hotel Park Plaza Histria

published 13.03.2014. | 3,406 pregleda


Park Plaza Histira Hotel, thanks to its location close to the sea on the Punta Verudela peninsula, represents a symbol of Pula’s tourist offer. The hotel is a part of Arenaturist, a Croatian company engaged in providing tourist services to hotels, tourist communities and camps for over 40 years.

The conference part of the hotel consisting of 4 halls and a lobby was renovated in the process of Histira hotel’s renovation. Conference visitors’ experience needed improvement and quality information provided to them.
Besides the requirements regarding conference visitors, a system for informing hotel guests needs to be installed in the lobby, at the reception desk and hotel rooms.

In order to improve the experience of conference visitors and to provide quality information to them regarding the conference programme, hotel services and the neighbouring amenities, Inform As YouWish system was installed in the renovation process. This is a digital information and advertising system (DigitalSignage).
The conference-related part of the system consists of four 19” monitors installed in the walls next to each of the four conference halls. Each of these four monitors displays information on the current lecture in the hall, information about the lecturer and about the event itself. If at a given moment there are no events, the screen displays general information about the hotel, hotel offer and complementary services.
In addition to informing visitors on the conference programme, Inform As YouWish digital advertising and information system is also used for informing hotel guests about the hotel’s tourist offer, for the presentation of Arena turist, display of service information, interesting news and weather forecast. Hotel guests are informed via a 47” LCD screen placed in the lobby of the conference part of the hotel and via 3 info kiosks located next to the reception desk, at the entrance into the conference part and at the entrance into the hotel complex.
The third segment of guest informing via Inform As YouWish system presents information provided to guests in hotel rooms via hotel cable television. Since the information displayed on LCD screens are identical to those displayed on the info channel of the hotel’s cable TV, these two systems are linked in a way that the content of the info channels of the hotel cable TV is generated in the Inform As YouWish system.

This type of link enables displaying service information on TV screens in hotel rooms, along with informative and marketing messages. This also saves time since hotel employees prepare materials in the content management system Inform As YouWish and the results are distributed to two different media (LCD screens and info kiosks and hotel cable TV). At the moment, in Histira and Medulin hotels (on different locations) the content for info channels of the hotel cable TV is generated from Inform As YouWish digital information and advertising system.
With the system’s installation, Arenaturist improved the information provided to hotel guests which consequently increased spending. At the same time additional savings of employees’ time were achieved since now they are editing the content of info channels of the hotel’s cable TV and digital advertising and information system through a content management module of the Inform As YouWish system.
In continuation, the client, Arenaturist, plans the system’s expansion to other hotels in the process of renovation of the hotel’s capacities.